1934           Born in Bukcheong, Hamgyeongnam-do

1958           Graduated Department of Painting, Seoul National University



Solo Exhibition

1974           Shinsegae Gallery, Seoul

1984           Shinsegae Gallery, Seoul

1990           Arko Art Center, Seoul

2001           Jongno Gallery, Seoul

2008           Han Gallery, Seoul

2008           Geohong Gallery, Guri, Korea

2016           Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul   


Selected Group Exhibition


Selected Group Exhibition

1958            Exhibition by Three Artists of Le Pont, Jungang Information Hall, Seoul

1958~1960Contemporary Exhibition (Held by Artists Association), Seoul

1959~1969Exhibition of Korean Contemporary Artists (Held by Chosun Ilbo), Seoul

1961            The 2nd Biennale de Paris, Paris, France

                   Young Artists Coalition, Gyeongbokgung Art Museum, Seoul

1962            Contemporary Korean Arts Exhibition, Manilla, Philippines

1962~1965The Actuel Exhibition, Shinsegae Art Hall Seoul, Seoul

1964            Cultural Freedom Contemporary Art Exhibition (Held by the Congress for

                   Cultural Freedom), Seoul

1966            Contemporary Korean Painters Exhibition, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

                   The Invitation Exhibition of Contemporary Artists from Six Countries of far East,   

                   Macy’s, New York, USA

1967            Sao-Paulo International Biennial, Sao-Paulo, Brazil

                   I. S. P. A. A International Exhibition, Shinsegae Gallery, Seoul

                   Expo-67 Contemporary Korean Painters Exhibition, Montreal, Canada

1969            The 1st Festival International De La Peinture Cagnes Sur Mer, France

                   Young Artists of Korea, Solidaridad Gallery, Manila, Philippines

                   The 6th Biennale de Paris, Paris, France

1970            Korea Arts Exhibition (Sponsored by the Hankook Ilbo), Gyeongbokgung Art   

                   Museum, Seoul

1971            Painting Today's Korea, Myung-Dong Gallery, Seoul

1973             Exhibition of Korean Contemporary Art, Myung-Dong Gallery, Seoul

                    Opening Exhibition on 100 Contemporary Artists, The National Museum of

                    Modern & Contemporary Art [MMCA], Seoul

1973             Exhibition of 100 Modern Painting (The National Museum of Contemporary Art,      

                    Seoul, Korea)

1974~1979 The Exhibition of Seoul '70, Shinsegae Art Gallery, Seoul

1974             The 3rd Triennale-India, New Deli, India

1974-1978     An Recommended Artist by the National Art exhibition, Seoul

1976~1980    Seoul Contemporary Fine Art Festival, MMCA, Seoul

1976~1977    Contemporary Fine Art Festival in Gangwon, Gangwon

                     Contemporary Fine Art Festival in Gangwon, Gwangju

1977              5th Independents Exhibition, MMCA, Seoul

                     Korea Contemporary Western Painting National Exhibition MMCA, Seoul

                     Korean Contemporary Painting, National Museum of History, Taipei, Taïwan

1978              Korea : The Trend for the past 20 Years of Contemporary Arts, MMCA, Seoul

                     Jungang Fine Art Prize, MMCA, Seoul

1979              Korean Fine Arts Today's Method Exhibition, Arko Art Center, Seoul

1979~1981    An Invited Artist by the National Art Exhibition, MMCA, Seoul

1980              Asia Contemporary Art Exhibition, Fukuoka Museum of Art, Fukuoka, Japan

                     Korean Contemporary Art Exhibition, Myung Sung Group, Yongin, Korea

                     Korean Arts Exhibition by the Han-Kuk Ilbo, MMCA, Seoul

                     Korean and Arabic Art Exchange Fair, Arabic Culture Center, Seoul

                     Korea Print & Drawing Exhibition, MMCA, Seoul

1981              Jungang Fine Art Prize, MMCA, Seoul

                     Korea Contemporary Art Exhibition, Arko Art Center, Seoul

                     Fundrasing Exhibition for construction of National Arts Museum, Seoul

1983              Korea Contemporary Fine Art Exhibition, Viscontea Hall, Milano, Italy

1984              Korean Contemporary Art of the 60’s The Outskirts of Informel, Walker Hill

                      Art Center, Seoul

                      Korean Contemporary Art of the 60’s Paris Biennale, Duson Gallery, Seoul

1984~1985     Contemporary Korea Fine Art Invitational Exhibition, MMCA, Seoul

1984~1985     Seoul Art Exhibition, Seoul Museum of Art [SEMA], Seoul

1985               The Exhibition of Contemporary Art '40, MMCA, Seoul       

1986               Korean Contemporary Art's Today and Yesterday, MMCA, Gwacheon

                      Modern Korean Art Festival, Seoul Asian Games Organizing Committee, Seoul

                      ’86 Seoul Asia Contemporary Art Exhibition, MMCA, Gwacheon

1987               Contemporary Korean Fine Art Invitational Exhibition, MMCA, Gwacheon

1988               Contemporary Artists Exhibition, Chosun Ilbo Gallery, Seoul

1989               Figurative Exhibition by Abstract Painters, Ace Art, Seoul

1990          Contemporary Korean Fine Art Invitational Exhibition, MMCA, Gwacheon                 

                  Korea Fine Art - Present Stage, Seoul Art Center Hangaram Museum, Seoul

                  Korea Contemporary Art – Finding the Origin, Total Museum, Jangheung, Korea

1993          Opening Exhibition on Contemporary Arts, Seoul Art Center Hangaram Museum,  


1994           Seoul International Contemporary Art Festival, MMCA, Gwacheon

                  Abstraction Art of Korea, Seonam Art Center, Seoul

1995           The Exhibition of Contemporary Art ’50, MMCA, Seoul

1996          ’96 Letters and Images, Hallim Museum, Daejeon, Korea  

2000           An Aspect of Korean Contemporary Art, MMCA, Gwacheon

                   Postwar Abstract Art in Korea and the West : Passion and Expression, Samsung

                   Museum of Modern Art, Seoul

                   Selected Works Division of Contemporary Art, Seoul National University Museum

2002            Age of Philosophy and Aesthetics, MMCA, Gwacheon

2004            Inaugural Exhibition on Leeum, Samsung Museum Leeum, Seoul

                   Abstraction from suffering, Arko Art Center/MIA, Seoul

2015            Re:Contemporary- Fermented Souls, Waterfall mansion, New York, USA

                   Art & Life, Art Space Ben, Seoul

2016            Art Basel Hong kong, Edouard Malingue Gallery, Hong kong






1960              Jury member of Chosun Ilbo Contemporary Artists Exhibition

1958~1961     The chief of Contemporary Artists Association

1962               The chief of the Actuel Committee

1965~1968     Jury member of Young Art Prize

1965~1981      Invited Professor at Seorabeol Art College (Present Chungang University)

1967                The Chief of I.S.P.A.A (International Society of Plastic and Audio – Visual Art)

1967~1969     5-6th Paris Biennale Korea Representative

1973~1979     Representative of Seoul ’70

1974~1992     Professor at Chugye University for the Arts

1974~1981   23-30th National Art Exhibition of Korea, The Recommended & Invited Artist

1977~1983   Korean Fine Arts Association Vice Executive Director  

                       1st Gwangju Biennale The Organizing Committee

                       Jury Member of National Art Exhibition of Korea      



National Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art

Gwangju Museum of Art

Seoul Museum

Walkerhill Museum

Samsung Museum of Art, Leeum